网赌博彩十大信誉平台妇女中心 & 婴儿 offers services to meet your needs for low-risk and high-risk pregnancies. Your baby will receive the warmest welcome because we are focused on patient and family-centered care. We offer the most advanced and innovative maternity care available. That makes us the perfect choice for expecting mothers in the Louisville area.

网赌博彩十大信誉平台是指定的 爱婴 生产设施的 美国爱婴. The designation is awarded to birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding and 母亲和婴儿 bonding.

网赌博彩十大信誉平台妇女中心 & 婴儿 is the only Downtown Louisville facility to earn this designation. 这是肯塔基州第四个拥有这种设备的机构.

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UofL医师-产科/妇科 & 妇女的健康

The doctors and 助产士 who deliver at UofL Hospital are part of UofL医师-产科/妇科 & 妇女的健康. 网赌博彩十大信誉平台提供全方位的孕期护理和赌博信誉排行十名大全. For high-risk pregnancies, we also collaborate with our 母体/胎儿医学 医生. For low-risk pregnancies, in addition to our team of obstetricians, we have a team of 注册护士助产士. Our 助产士 can provide prenatal care and are available to deliver your baby at the 中心的女性 & 婴儿.


要预约,请打电话 502-588-4400 或者填写网赌博彩十大信誉平台的 在线申请预约表格.

We offer FREE prenatal care classes called “Beautiful Beginnings.” They are taught by experienced, certified OB 护士. The classes are designed to answer your questions about labor, delivery, recovery and breastfeeding. 它们还包括你和你的宝宝的护理费用.

查看当前时间表. 目前所有课程都是虚拟授课.



A pregnancy program offered through UofL医师-产科/妇科 & 《赌博信誉排行十名大全》将产前护理交由集体机构进行. 在同一时期出生的女性会互相了解. They learn about pregnancy together, without the need for an exam room.

This model of care ensures moms are eng年龄d in their care and all-important health topics are covered. It allows the women to form friendships and discuss what’s important to them. 关注怀孕有很多好处,包括:

  • 更好的健康结果

  • 自我保健

  • 自信

  • 有更多的时间和你的医生在一起

  • 支持和友谊

  • 学习和娱乐

围绕怀孕提供通过 UofL医师-产科/妇科 & 妇女的健康. 这包括与网赌博彩十大信誉平台的助产士会面的团体. 如需加入群组,请拨打电话 502-588-4400.

了解更多 关于这个项目的新闻报道. 卡罗尔·布里斯的“关注怀孕”小组.


We would love for you to visit 网赌博彩十大信誉平台妇女中心 & 婴儿. 旅游 are an opportunity to learn more about who we are and where we will give birth. 请致电网赌博彩十大信誉平台的劳动和交付单位 502-562-3094 做出安排. Or stop by and someone will be happy to give you a tour.



For mothers and babies who require a higher level of expertise, 网赌博彩十大信誉平台有高风险专家和UofL医生. 他们和网赌博彩十大信誉平台的分娩人员一起练习.


Our highly-trained team works together to give the mother and baby the best care possible. We have exceptional maternal-fetal specialists (doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies) leading a team that is ready and able to handle any situation.

In addition to our maternal-fetal specialists, our team includes:

  • 外科医生

  • 心脏病学家(心脏医生)

  • 创伤专家

  • 内分泌学家(专门研究糖尿病的医生


妇女中心 & 婴儿 is specially equipped to care for mothers and infants involved in a high-risk delivery. 这包括:

  • Two specialized delivery suites for Cesarean birth (C-section).

  • Seven delivery suites to serve mothers and babies with special needs, including all ICU-level equipment and a specialized monitoring system.

  • For mothers in pre-term labor or who have other serious medical conditions and need to be hospitalized while pregnant, 网赌博彩十大信誉平台有专门的产前检查部门.

  • We also house a Level III NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). This unit provides care for babies born too early and those that are too sick to be cared for in couplet care.


Our maternal-fetal medicine group is a recognized referral center for high-risk pregnancies in Central and Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. This initiative allows us to share our expertise with other health facilities in Kentucky.

The partnership provides Kentucky hospitals that may not specialize in high-risk pregnancies an opportunity to collaborate with our top maternal-fetal medicine doctors. This ensures women in Kentucky are receiving the best possible care.


In 2017, there were 305 infants admitted to our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). 网赌博彩十大信誉平台的三级重症监护室有24张床位. 它是该地区最大的城市之一. We are committed to providing the very best for your baby. We have the latest equipment and knowledgeable staff to care for babies born too early and those that are too sick to be cared for in couplet care.

Our neonatal specialists with UofL Physicians participate in a state-supported high-risk infant follow-up program. The doctors follow the health of premature babies up to eight years to help support the pediatrician’s primary care.



新生儿重症监护室对家长开放探视. 随时欢迎您的来访,一天24小时. 其他人可能会和你一起拜访. Children under 年龄 14 are only allowed if they are a sibling. Visitation may be limited during flu and RSV season, in order to protect your baby.


The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for families. But it can be stressful for parents when they need to leave the hospital without their baby – whether it’s for the night or an extended period of time.

Our NICU now offers NICVIEW, a live video monitoring system. Parents, siblings and other relatives can log in to a secure system to watch the baby’s progress. 这是仅次于在场的最佳选择.


When you go into labor, go to the third floor of UofL Hospital (530 S. 杰克逊圣.). 到了大门口,拿起电话,拨3094.


  • 识别

  • 医生的名字

  • 为您提供产前护理的办公地点

  • 保险信息

  • 为了您个人的舒适:

    • 牙刷和牙膏

    • 洗发水

    • 沐浴露

    • 刷/梳

    • 化妆品

    • 拖鞋

    • 浴袍

    • 零食/食物(给照顾你的伴侣)

  • Car seat for your baby to go home in (We cannot discharge you from the hospital without a car seat.)

  • 你和宝宝回家穿的衣服


All of our 护士 are labor specialists who will make every effort to meet your goals for delivery. We will work with you to accommodate your plan of care during your labor and birth. Each labor room is equipped with a bathroom and shower. We have birthing balls and squat bars for those who desire them.


Our 助产士 work with our general obstetricians to assist mothers in achieving their labor and delivery goals. 注册护士助产士 encour年龄 a natural birth for low-risk pregnancies. At other hospitals, 助产士 don’t deliver babies, but in ours they do. They are trained to try different positions to ease pain and help lessen stress. They consult with our general obstetricians and maternal-fetal specialists when needed. A full range of obstetrical services are available right at hand if needed. 了解更多关于网赌博彩十大信誉平台的注册助产士护士.


Our primary Cesarean section rate is one of the lowest in the city. 如果你以前做过剖腹产, you may be eligible to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean).

给那些做剖腹产的人, we are the only birthing facility in the area that offers a clear drape. The mother won’t see the surgery, but she will be able to see the birth of her baby. She will be able to watch as her baby is born and gets cleaned up. She won’t feel disconnected from the baby because she can still see what’s happening. 类似袋鼠式护理, the baby will lay skin-to-skin on the mom’s chest soon after delivery if both mom and baby are in the condition to do so.


在你的孩子出生后, 只要你和你的宝宝都好, you will place your baby skin-to-skin in what is called “袋鼠式护理.”


The practice of mother and baby “skin-to-skin” is called 袋鼠式护理. It is similar to how a baby joey is carried by the mother kangaroo. 袋鼠式护理 is the best way for a baby to make the transition to the outside world. It stresses physical contact to provide a sense of safety for the infant, promote bonding and encour年龄 the natural instinct of breastfeeding.



Generally, you’ll recover in 劳动和交付 for the first two hours after your baby is born. Then you’ll move to the 母亲/婴儿单元 for the rest of your stay.

You’ll be provided with a more comfortable bed and a private bathroom. Your partner in care will be provided with a sleeper chair, pillow, blanket, etc.

您的宝宝将在您入住期间与您同住. 这也被称为对联关怀. 网赌博彩十大信誉平台没有新生儿托儿所. This time allows you to get to know your baby, start bonding and encour年龄 breastfeeding. Rooming-in allows for mom and other caregivers to adjust to caring for the baby while in the hospital. Our goal is to have our 护士 help the mom and caregivers so they are more confident when it’s time to go home.


欢迎您的来访. However, we encour年龄 you to rest after you have had your baby. Your partner in care is encour年龄d to stay to help you.

Quiet time hours are reserved for you, your partner in care and your baby. 网赌博彩十大信誉平台请求游客们尊重这一时刻 在两点之间.m. 4 p.m. 和9 p.m. 6一个.m.


Mom365 is a FREE photography service available to capture precious memories of your baby. A photographer will stop by your room during your stay to ask If you wish to take advant年龄 of these services. They will provide a free keepsake photo and a login to share the photos with your family and friends.



  1. 人奶是给婴儿喝的

  2. 你的母乳是为你的宝宝而设计的

  3. 没有什么准备

  4. Breastfed babies are healthier (prevent illness, ear infections, etc.)

  5. 母乳喂养的婴儿的粪便没有气味

  6. Passive immunity (what you are immune to will pass to your baby)

  7. 防止儿童肥胖症

  8. 与宝宝建立联系

  9. Your uterus returns to a pre-pregnant size more quickly, and breastfeeding burns more calories so you can lose baby weight faster

  10. 省钱——什么都不用买

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both mom and baby. The Lactation Center at 网赌博彩十大信誉平台妇女中心 & 婴儿 is designed to help new mothers and their babies overcome any difficulties with breastfeeding.

This service is available at no charge to ALL breastfeeding mothers in the community.

Our lactation center staff members are all international board-certified lactation consultants. They have more than 50 years of combined lactation experience. They also have extensive neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience.

周一至周六开放, our team is prepared to help you through breastfeeding difficulties, 如:

  • 可怜的门闩/痛苦的母乳喂养

  • 充血(乳房胀得很痛苦)

  • 牛奶供应不足

  • 婴儿体重增加不佳

  • 黄疸(皮肤/眼睛发黄)

  • 导管堵塞,乳腺炎和脓肿

  • 鹅口疮(口腔真菌感染)

  • 晚期早产儿和早产儿

  • 唇腭裂,唐氏综合症和舌头打结

  • 为重返工作或学校做准备

  • 安全抽吸和储存母乳

  • Induced lactation (breastfeeding without pregnancy) and re-lactation (bringing back milk supply)

母乳喂养也包括在 由妇女中心提供的产前课程 & 婴儿.


The Lactation Center is located on the third floor of UofL Hospital. 它在妇女中心外面的走廊里 & 婴儿. 网赌博彩十大信誉平台的地址是530 S. 杰克逊圣.路易斯维尔,肯塔基州40202.


网赌博彩十大信誉平台妇女中心 & 婴儿有一个强大的产科医生团队, 妇产科医师, 母胎医学专家, 助产士, 新生儿学专家, 护士, 部门经理, 护士教育工作者, 情况下经理, social workers and lactation specialists all focused on the care of you and your newborn baby.

了解更多关于网赌博彩十大信誉平台的团队 general obstetricians and 妇产科医师 from UofL医师-产科/妇科 & 妇女的健康.

了解更多关于网赌博彩十大信誉平台的团队 注册护士助产士 从UofL医生.

了解更多关于高风险专家的信息 UofL医师-母胎医学.

网赌博彩十大信誉平台所有的护士都接受过高危训练. Our 护士 are also trained by specialty unit labor and delivery, 母亲和婴儿, 新生儿重症监护室(NICU).


联系妇女中心 & 婴儿通过调用 502-562-3325.

To make an appointment with a doctor or midwife at UofL医师-产科/妇科 & 女性健康,电话 502-588-4400 或者在网上填写 申请预约表格.




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